A fourm to discuss aspects of gameplay or the story of Grimstead.
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Leiela (Admin)

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PostSubject: TIMELINE!!!!    Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:08 pm

ARGH oh how i wish i'd never started this.

I do appologise for any inconcistancy's its abit messed up at in the early years and it's messed up around 1030-1035 it wasnt till i did this that i realised marrisa was pregnant for 3 years lol and Thomas wasn't crowned for 4 after henry died.

I've had to jiggle things around and im in the process of altering a few posts slightly to sort out any glaring inconsistancy's. It means i'll have to tweak family trees etc to match, so please forgive me.

But i think it's safe to say we may have to gloss over some "oddity's" like the fact that even "fixed" it took 18 months to crown thomas lol and Eadric is suddenly a year older than we thought he was.

The biggest difficultly im having is that fact that storylines cross over in various places so it's not easy to alter the timeline for one without it having a knock on effect on the rest.

I haven't changed to order of any posts yet but i may have to do that next. Finger's crossed the story will still make sence when im done.

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